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Welcome to the homepage of "Music in Education and Rehabilitation"


Here you can find some information about activities and events going on in the faculty!


There are so many different facets about what music is in education and rehabilitation:

listening to music, enjoying the silence, exploring movements, experiencing the voice, dancing, producing sounds, learning with music - combined: to find your individual expression with music.

That means participation for all people in the music culture!


The fundamental conviction and experience of our Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences at TU Dortmund University is that all humans are in the figurative sense “InTakt” - in other words “on beat” - where music is concerned. Anyone who has experienced the meaning of music for people with special needs knows how important music can be in stimulating different skills, as well as integrating and improving the life of children, youth and adults with special needs.

Prof. Dr. Werner Probst, a member of our university from 1977 until 1990, developed the “Bochum Model” and opened music schools for working with children and teenagers with special needs. His successor, Prof. Dr. Irmgard Merkt, Professor for Music Education and Music Therapy in Rehabilitation and Special Needs Education in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, developed the “Dortmund Model – Cultural Work and People with Special Needs: Music.” Over the past ten years she has been organising nationwide continuing education workshops under the theme “InTakt”; since 2003 she has also been organising the international meetings “Europa InTakt.”



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photos: Ulrike Putinas